Conservatory Room at Lexington

The Conservatory

The Lexington Hotel was built in 1929 by Schultze & Weaver, a world renowned architectural team responsible for many grand hotels of the Jazz Age. The Conservatory Suite commemorates our historic architectural heritage by celebrating the style of living space popular during its inception. Glass-walled conservatories were originally used as greenhouses but soon their atmospheric surroundings lent themselves to social gatherings. Watch the sun set over the Manhattan skyline from within your secret garden. To book, call 212-755-4400.

Some notable items in the room: Hand-carved tropical hardwood bed in floral lotus theme, set of Antique Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening from the late 1800s, hanging English Zinc Chandelier with candles and moss, topiary trees, plan of Central Park from 1860 (reprinted on canvas), custom artwork made of preserved Queen Anne's lace flowers pressed in glass, a vintage brass music holder, sheet music books from 1929, bespoke concrete wall hangings, tables & garden statuary.

Textiles: Black & white stripes, champagne silk, raw linen
Colors: White, black, gold, pine
Mood: Secret Garden