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The Mixing Room

Located on the lobby level of the hotel, The Mixing Room at The Lexington New York City greets guests with a sense of welcoming openness. Four separate seating areas are outfitted in a fusion of modern, classic and 1920s-inspired furnishings. The room’s rich color palette and eclectic textures hint at contemporary design influences among the hotel’s Art Deco legacy. The Lexington New York City’s art collection, curated by Paige Powell and anchored by works of Alba Clemente and Ruben Toledo, flows into the bar area and dresses the walls. An anthology of jazz melodies dance in the air and play tribute to the hotel’s past and present.

Presenting seasonal cocktails with fresh juices and garnishes, as well as classic concoctions with a twist, highlights of The Mixing Room’s menu include The Fitzgerald with rum, Maraschino, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime and a grapefruit twist garnish; The Gimlet with vodka or gin, fresh lime juice, honey syrup and a splash of orange blossom water; The Sidewinder with Cognac, fresh lemon, Cointreau and a raw sugar rim; and The Mr. Lex Martini with vodka or gin, vermouth and a blue cheese stuffed olive.  Patrons can order delectable appetizers with an Asian Flare off of The Mixing Room menu to top off the evening.

The Mixing Room celebrates the Lexington New York City’s jazz age heritage  Monday through Saturday evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM with live music by The New York Jazz Workshop. These weekly performances include themes such as The Great American Songbook Revisited, Bebop and Beyond, and Modern Jazz Night.

Jacket not required. Reservations for evening Jazz Table Service Recommended 212-204-2318.

Take a look at the Mixing Room cocktail menu for a list of our classic cocktails and artful seasonal mixes.

4:00pm --12:00 midnight

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